Tips On How To Clear Suggested Searches On Instagram 2019

You have been wondering how can I clear suggested searches on Instagram. Many people even wonder that even after they delete suggested searches go away even if they deleted it then you need to follow these exact steps and get rid of suggested searched on Instagram. Let us start this process.

Clear Your Instagram Search Suggestion

Please follow the following steps so that you can get all the Instagram suggestions cleared up.

  1. Navigate to your Instagram profile page by clicking the profile icon which is located at the bottom right.
  2. You will find the Settings. (This is the gear icon that appears at the top right)
  3. Now the options menu will appear in from of you. Go down and click or touch the Clear Search History.
  4. This is will delete all the searches that you have made. (i.e. searches, people, tags, location etc)
  5. Now you will still see some users suggestions in the history.
  6. For this go to Instagram application and tap on search icon which you will find besides the home button.
  7. Tap on the search bar and all the search history will be shown.
  8. Choose the desired tab for yourself.(i.e. top, people or tags)
  9. Long tap or press the search suggestion that you want to remove and then select hide from the options shown.

These are the most easy steps that you can follow to clear suggested searches on Instagram. If you need any help you can feel free to contact us any time.


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So to all add up you can clear all the suggestions easily by following the steps given above. This process takes only one or two minutes.┬áSo, this is how you can keep both your Instagram search history and account clean. Clearing search history, however, doesn’t remove the Suggested accounts when you tap on the Search tab. They will continue to show depending on who you interact with the most.

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