Why Instagram’s Explore Page Matters for Your Business

Most businesses use Instagram to market their products and services to potential customers. For businesses, an Instagram page is only as good as the content it posts. And Instagram’s Explore page plays a vital role in how people discover and engage with that content. This article will explore why the Instagram Explore page is essential to a business’s success, and why it should be leveraged to maximum potential.

I. Understanding Instagram’s Explore Page

What is an Explore Page?

The Explore Page is a section of Instagram, found at the bottom-right of the main navigation menu, which gives users a glimpse of content that’s popular right now or outside of their current followers. The feature is unique to each user and is tailored based on resources that Instagram has gathered about that person’s interests.


In the Explore Page, users can discover content two different ways: they can explore in two separate feeds, one dedicated to photos and one dedicated to videos. There are also tabs to view Stories and IGTV, an HD video platform developed by Instagram. Additionally, users have the ability to follow hashtags, as it’s possible to follow an individual account. This means if users follow a hashtag, posts that use that hashtag will show up in the Explore Page.

Creating Content for the Explore Page

To use the Explore Page, assess what type of content will resonate with your audience, create original content, and use hashtags that accurately reflect and describe the photo or video. Instagram offers insights into what type of content resonates with users and using these can be beneficial.

  • Find trending topics and hashtags and use them to highlight your post
  • Optimize your content by creating multiple versions of the same content with different framing and/ or captions
  • Track your performance to see which type of posts do better with your audience and adjust accordingly.

II. Advantages of Appearing on the Explore Page

Appearing on the Explore page offers several advantages to businesses, content creators, and users. Here are some of the top benefits:

  • Increases Visibility – Appearing on the Explore page increases the visibility of the content, resulting in more page visits and views.
  • Grow Engagement -Organic exposure to your content often drives engagement, leading to more shares, likes, and comments.
  • Boost Followers – Presence on the Explore page encourages more users to follow your posts and updates.

The Explore page is where people come to discover new content. Being featured on it helps you establish your presence on the platform, puts you into the spotlight, and encourages people to follow you. Since the Explore Page reflects trending content and topics, appearing on it gives you the exposure needed to help grow your brand or business. Getting featured on the Explore page is a great way to leverage free organic reach and exposure.

III. A Variety of Uses for the Explore Page

The Explore Page is incredibly versatile, and has multiple ways to be used. From entrepreneurs to bloggers and digital nomads, here are a few ways for businesses, professionals and others to use the Explore Page to their advantage:

  • Organic Promotion for Your Business. Using hashtags and trending topics, you can promote your brand and attract potential customers from any corner of the world.
  • Gather Information on a Niche Market. Explore Pages can be used to gather useful insights into the trends, reactions, and interests of your chosen audience.
  • Reach Your Followers in a New Way. Keep your followers updated on new content, relevant industry news and topics, and gain additional feedback on recent projects.

These are just some of the ways you can use an Explore Page to get the most bang for your buck. With strategic implementation, you can engage a larger community, target the right demographic and drive more traffic to your website.

IV. How to Increase Visibility on the Explore Page

To increase visibility and drive more engagement with your posts on Instagram, it’s important to understand how the Explore Page works and the best practices for boosting your visibility. Here are some tips to help you get more eyes on your content and increase your presence on the Explore Page.

  • Post relevant and engaging content. Quality content that resonates with your audience is key. If your posts are meaningful and relevant, it will attract more followers, help keep the current ones engaged and increase the chances of being featured on the Explore tab.
  • Tag your posts with hashtags. Tagging your images with hashtags increases visibility, but it’s important to use hashtags that are relevant to the post to maximize engagement and grab the attention of potential followers. Optimize post hashtags for trending topics related to your niche and use more specific, less competitive hashtags to get better results.
  • Engage with other accounts. Engaging with other accounts help build relationships and increases visibility. Engage with accounts that share interests and those that have similar content to increase your chances of getting featured on their page and gaining organic followers.

In addition to the tips above, you can also use Instagram Ads to get your content seen by more of your target audience and grow your following. Ads can also be an effective way to boost engagement and increase visibility of your posts on the Explore Page.

V. Maximizing the Potential of Instagram’s Explore Page for Your Business

Instagram’s explore page is a valuable platform for businesses to gain visibility and grow their reach. All it takes is a few steps, to take your business to the next level with explore page.

Step 1: Optimize Your Content: Content is the most important aspect of a successful strategy in the explore page. Ideas should be unique and include visual-heavy content such as memes, GIFs, and other images or videos that stand out. Additionally, hashtags should be used sparingly, but relevant for higher viewership.

Step 2: Track Your Progress: When exploring the analytics from Instagram, you can get detailed information on your posts, stories, and content on the explore page. It also enables you to target a specific ‘explore audience’ by leveraging the analytics to better understand what content the audience will be interested in seeing. Regularly tracking business progress on the explore page is essential for continued success.

Step 3: Collaborate With Instagram: When used strategically, Instagram’s explore page can provide businesses with additional opportunities to establish meaningful relationships with their target audience. This can include collaborating with Instagram influencers, or partnering with relevant brands and businesses. This not only helps you build an audience, but it also helps you create meaningful content and relationships in the process.

In conclusion, an Instagram Explore page is a great tool for businesses to get their content seen and grow their following. With the Explore page, businesses can feature their content alongside other relevant content, launch new products, and market their services to a larger audience. All businesses should explore this marketing opportunity to make the most of their potential reach on Instagram.

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